Haven’t written anything lately as I have been absorbed with maintenance jobs at home, car repairs, (I certainly didn’t do them but stood by and helped a little while a friend did), volunteer-teaching an after-school art class, and now at my daughter’s apartment hanging out with the kids.  I return home early tomorrow for the […]

Making a Choice

It is not as though anybody who knows me doesn’t realize that my politics are far to the Left and environmentally I am very conservative.    There is obviously only one choice I can make for this upcoming election.  Obama has made some pretty big mistakes but he has also done some serious good.   […]

Anxious for Some Things to Change

There is no reason for any country to be dependent on oil for energy needs.  It is all about politics and corruption.  Those are the only factors holding back the flood of talent and ingenuity of human creativity.  For those of you familiar with Mother Earth News magazine, you know that back in the 70’s […]

I Need a Farm

I’m sure everybody is aware (in the US at least) of the drought in the middle and western states.  Meanwhile in Florida we have so much rain that the mosquitos are thick.  Because many of the drought-stricken states are where most of our food in this country is grown, the food supply will be a […]

Amazing Foods

I am always reading all I can about food and nutrition and gardening and herbs.  I have always believed that we are not necessarily pre-disposed for illness and disease.  If we can keep our immune systems as strong as possible we can have a good chance of resisting those bacteria & viruses.  It does get […]

My Own Circuit Training

I try to exercise on all the weekdays that I am home.  Everybody knows that exercise is good for us but it also makes me feel great.    Years ago I taught aerobics and weight training and sometimes yoga while I was still living in Portland, Maine, and before that too, when I lived in […]

Late Night Quickie

Finally! the internet is on again after hours down and it is 11:20pm.  Time for bed.  But I want to show you a photo of the beautiful Bromeliad in bloom in my yard.  Only one is blooming right now and it is such a crazy flower.   I did manage to find the can of […]

Difficulty at the Beginning

That reminds me of one of the hexagrams in the I Ching (Chinese/Taoist Book of Changes).  It has been really difficult to find the time to get back on here again to write altho many ideas went through my head today.  I stayed home all day, which I love to do, without driving anywhere.  I […]

An Introduction to Blogging

This is my first post ever on here.  This has been a family week.  My wonderful son (I have 2 wonderful sons) just returned to NYC today and it went by way too fast.  I have a daughter and two grandchildren here in Florida not far from my house.  I spend most weekends with them […]

Kate Merrick at the Plaza with her Portrait examples

Welcome to my studio.

I am a professional artist in varied media, nature lover and world traveler. I live in St. Augustine, Florida and in the past you would have seen me in the historic Plaza de Constitucion with my portrait gear.  Now I work mostly in my home studio in charcoal, pencil, watercolor, Chinese watercolor on rice paper, […]