April Fools Day 2014

I’m in Miami. I don’t even have to mention the state. Everybody knows where Miami is. I’m in north Miami, in fact, Dade county, where my daughter, husband, and 2 kids now live. They stayed with me a while in St. Augustine before they moved here in December. This part of Miami is Little Haiti. […]

KUNG HEI FAT CHOY! (Happy Chinese New Year)

This is the Year of the Horse.  The Wood Horse arrived  on January 31, 2013, as the Chinese Lunar New Year began. The natural elements of Earth, Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire, are components of Chinese Astrology.  After last year’s slower and transformative Snake Year, the energetic Horse trots in.  The horse is an heroic […]


Here it is January of the new year, 2014, and it is feeling more promising and hopeful than other years that I remember.  Once the Chinese New Year kicks in, sometime between now and mid February, it will be the Year of the Horse, back again after 12 years.  I’ll save details on that for […]

Brand New Chapter

I am ashamed of myself for being so tardy, not having entered a word on here since last summer.  Because I haven’t dated these, I can’t figure out which was my last one.  So, this is now the last month 2013 and we are on the Christmas wind-down. I am living in my own house […]

Ruminations on the Flu

I am basically against vaccinations of any kind and if you’d like some good reasons why, just read some of the blog posts of Dr.MarkSircus.com IMVA (International Medical Veritas Association). One week ago, today, I’d spent the weekend with one sick granddaughter and a grandson who was also showing signs of illness, and I was […]

The End of 2012 and The Year of the Dragon

As we are deep into the Christmas season with mixed feelings of the joy of being with family and the grief we feel at the loss of the children in Connecticut…we can only keep hoping that there is an overall desire in the people of the world to make things better.  I don’t mean just […]

Special Times

If there was ever a day to write something it is today…the day of the Lunar Eclipse and a Full Moon in Gemini…the Sun went into Sagittarius on Wed, the 21st.   Without getting tooo astrological here, I do have to mention a few things.  This is the Beaver Moon, according to Native Americans, and […]

Life With the Kids

It is never boring…that is for sure.  Eliza is still in the Dominican Republic waiting out the holidays & religious feast days in order to file the final paperwork with immigration. Meanwhile, life continues here with plenty of naughtiness.  Marcos is all boy; loud, loves to burp loudly and make other obnoxious noises.  It is […]

My Home Away From Home

Right now my home is in my daughter’s apartment near Jax Beach and I am caring for my 2 grandchildren. My daughter, Eliza, just had one of the most momentous days of her life yesterday (Full Moon in Taurus, incidentally) at the immigration office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   After failing their first attempt […]

To the Dishonor of Christopher Columbus

Every time I listen to FreeSpeech TV and the Thom Hartmann show in particular, I learn something new.  Yesterday was October 12 and  the original date of Christopher Columbus day.  Now I know just how diabolical Columbus really was. He sailed for the New World in search of gold and had told the king & […]

Making Marijuana Legal

I recently discovered the Documentary channel on the Dish network and have seen some excellent, though very disturbing, films. Recently I watched one about the drug wars in Mexico and the whole gun culture that feeds it and I came up with the obvious conclusion that we must legalize marijuana and make a lot of […]

In the Company of Writers

I attended a wonderful event last Saturday at Flagler College, here in St. Augustine.  It was “The Florida Heritage Book Festival” and it was simply delightful.  My only regret is that I was late for the first session and could only go to one presentation at a time from all the offerings!   A long […]