Happy Chinese New Year! 2019

2018 was such a busy year for me…moving…selling my house took longer than expected…but now I am ready to write on here again because this is an important year: Welcome to the Year of the Yin (the feminine principle, as opposed to Yang, the masculine) Earth Brown PIG. This is a year of INNOVATION! It […]

Happy New Year ….. 2018 The Brown Earth Dog

Picture a mountain in front of you that is blocking your path. You need to climb over it or find a flat road around it. It can certainly be done with perseverance and a diligent spirit. This is the image for the Chinese Year of the Dog, the Brown Earth Dog. Based on the lunar […]

2017- The Year of the Red Fire Rooster

WAKE  UP  EVERYBODY! The Red Fire Rooster is crowing, sounding the alarm to be alert and aware! (Is this appropriate or what?) It is time to remember that we, the people,  own our government and it is time for us to unite and make the changes we want to see. The Rooster Year, which began […]

A Winter Diversion to Remember – January 2017

The 7th Annual Saint Augustine Film Festival, where I worked as a volunteer, ended Sunday evening. The weather that night was unseasonably tropical…balmy and sultry…. probably more pronounced to me as a result of spending most of the weekend indoors.  The clouds were moving rapidly with the wind (never mind we had a tornado watch […]

The Pomegranate Allure

A pomegranate has inspired me to write in my blog again. It is a special fruit….native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean and also thrives in the drier climates of California and Arizona. There is a Greek myth about the beautiful Persephone, Goddess of Spring, who was picking wildflowers when she was spotted by […]

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

\   Year of the Monkey I am the seasoned traveler of the Labyrinth; The genius of alacrity, wizard of the impossible. My brilliance is yet unmatched in its originality. My Heart’s filled with potent magic That could cast 100 spells. I am put together for mine own pleasure. I AM THE MONKEY The Chinese […]

Drawings of Brooklyn

The second apartment that my son, Gabe, rented in Brooklyn was outstanding. It was a first floor through with the back door opening to a small yard. He and his BF worked hard to clear out a huge amount of rubble and trash back there and ultimately turned it into a very special place – […]

Glimpses of New York City

In early August, this past summer, I traveled to New York City via Amtrak – a 22 hour ride in a comfortable seat. I would love to have a sleeping car sometime, but that is not yet in the budget. A lady passenger showed me her own sleeping compartment and it was really cute and […]

Miami Love

  Miami in July is Hot, Hot, Hot!It might seem like a crazy time to visit, but my daughter and her two nietos live there so I can’t stay away too long. I actually look forward to the 7 hour Amtrak ride. I read (it is so difficult to find reading time at home) and […]

A Festival of Words

The Florida Heritage Book Festival took place last Saturday, September 26, in the student center of the lovely Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. I attended the all-day free event which consisted of hourly sessions with various published writers in different classrooms at the same times. The writers described their books and their writing processes. […]

Frog Blog (and more)

I was in my kitchen the other day here in north Florida and heard cries coming from out back, just yards away. I thought maybe it was a cat, or maybe a bird, clearly in distress. The cries were quite loud so I went outside my screen porch and looked up for the source of […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome the Lunar New Year of the green, wood, Earth Sheep/Goat. The two animals are generally interchangeable in this context although there is always some discussion. For example, farmers prefer sheep because they graze without tearing up the roots like goats do. However, goats are more playful, comical, and mischievous, qualities which do appeal to […]