Miami Love


Miami in July is Hot, Hot, Hot!???????????????????????It might seem like a crazy time to visit, but my daughter and her two nietos live there so I can’t stay away too long. I actually look forward to the 7 hour Amtrak ride. I read (it is so difficult to find reading time at home) and sleep, read and doze. There’s a lot to love about south Florida in addition to seeing my loved ones. Glorious flowering trees, not seen elsewhere in the southeast, are abundant. Coconut palms and mango trees grow in my daughter’s backyard. On my last two return trips, I carried pounds of coconut meat which her husband had laboriously chipped from the husks. I love coconut and use it grated in my home-made granola and corn bread and even soups. I have also lugged home bags of mangos which I cut up and froze for smoothies. Last year I made mango chutney. She also has a starfruit tree and a papaya which they grew from seed less than two years ago. It is now about 8′ tall and producing fruit.

A special event was planned for the end of the month: my daughter and her Indian husband were renewing their vows with an Indian priest. We decorated lavishly with saris and flowers and had to suddenly move the whole affair indoors when it poured. Everyone had a great time regardless, thanks to no shortage of drinks and ethnic food. The colored lights on the rainy patio glowed through the large windows during the exotic service. The handsome Hindu priest had even the children transfixed. A cultural mix of guests had come from all over the U.S. and we continued more subdued celebrating for days. It was indeed a love fest.

chicks 335Goofy grandkids!

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