Happy New Year ….. 2018 The Brown Earth Dog

Picture a mountain in front of you that is blocking your path. You need to climb over it or find a flat road around it. It can certainly be done with perseverance and a diligent spirit. This is the image for the Chinese Year of the Dog, the Brown Earth Dog. Based on the lunar calendar, Chinese astrology consists of twelve animals with both positive and negative qualities. Your personal animal is determined by the year of your birth. The dragon is the only mythical animal and the most special to the Chinese. Each year embodies traits of the animal represented, with further distinctions caused by the natural element of that year as well; wood, water, metal, fire and earth. The Earth Dog year can be a turbulent one in all aspects of life. Big changes can occur in the economy and likely we will see the collapse of some major institutions. It is a year of social change for the entire planet. The urge to make the world a better place dominates. A spirit of reform and vigilance prevails as solutions are sought for the inequities in the world. Seeking knowledge and truth, well-meaning actions are values upheld by this modest and sincere Brown Earth Dog. The Dog’s influence is on the land, including real estate, agriculture, minerals, and earthquakes. Many young people all over this country are now working their own farms, producing fruits and vegetables of great variety as well as livestock, with an emphasis on organic, seasonal produce, meats, and poultry, as well as dairy products.  There are farmers’ markets everywhere.

2018 can be financially rewarding for those willing to put in the effort …like getting past that mountain. Another appropriate image is that of a tree that is ripe with fruits that must be picked and sold right away or they will rot. Complete unfinished projects in a timely fashion or your income sources may disappear.

This can be a good year for improving one’s health if there is plenty of exercise and time outdoors in nature (what dog doesn’t thrive on that?), as well as simple, fresh foods. Now is the time to get rid of bad habits or there will be repercussions. Body organs most at risk are the liver and gall bladder.

Dogs are known for their loyalty, service, and unconditional devotion. The mantra for the Earth Dog Year is: Have the Fearless attitude of a hero, and the loving heart of a child.

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