Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome the Lunar New Year of the green, wood, Earth Sheep/Goat. The two animals are generally interchangeable in this context although there is always some discussion. For example, farmers prefer sheep because they graze without tearing up the roots like goats do. However, goats are more playful, comical, and mischievous, qualities which do appeal to many. But none of that matters much for the year overall.

This year should be a smooth one following that of the energetic Horse.  The wood sheep is kind, tender, sympathetic, elegant and creative.  Definitely a more peaceful year (Hurray!); a more passive and nurturing time.  Wars will be averted by negotiation and there will be a joining of forces to fight evil and destruction.  A year to use mental abilities over brute force, the aggressors will be out-maneuvered.  (The period of the Dragon, from March 20 – April 20, could be the most turbulent exception.)  There will be a greater concern for structure, basics and intuition to solve problems.  Not a year to reap great fortunes and admonishment to not overspend.  Even those born in the Goat year (I am one) need to hold onto the purse strings, keep on keeping on and remain alert to opportunities.

The Sheep is a symbol of the Arts and will bring out the creativity in all our natures.  We will be productive and imaginative in artistic and aesthetic ventures.  Family members and friends will grow closer, as disputes are ironed out.  The serenity of the sheep’s peacefu lways will slow things down a bit for the more intensely active signs (Dragon, Tiger, Horse), but after all, this is not a year for whirlwind activities – it is one for introspection. A steady path, generosity and keeping the peace are this year’s mantra.

Year of the Goat

Year of the Goat

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