Happy Chinese New Year! 2019

The Yin Brown Earth PIG

The Yin Brown Earth PIGChinese

2018 was such a busy year for me…moving…selling my house took longer than expected…but now I am ready to write on here again because this is an important year:

Welcome to the Year of the Yin (the feminine principle, as opposed to Yang, the masculine) Earth Brown PIG. This is a year of INNOVATION! It is time to act on that good idea you have been holding on to, or start that new business or career change you have been thinking about. If you do your homework and prepare the ground, you will meet with success this year. What has been working for the past ten years may not continue to be successful. This is true in many sectors. Changes happening all over will present opportunities for greater good in the future. Be cautious, but not fearful. Do your research, trust your instincts, and GO for it! The early birds will get the worms. Don’t waste this opportune year sticking to the status quo. Consider partnerships, they are highlighted this year. It is also important that we help ourselves by helping others. It is not only a Win Win, but can bring great wealth. Greed is passé.

The Pig traditionally is a male symbol but has a feminine influence this year and presents an image of a river flowing over farmland. Water will be an issue in 2019 – too little or too much, as in flooding. Be prepared.

Economically speaking, the strongest growth continues in technologies; info.com, media, and electronics; again, innovation is key. Phase out old processes. The Metal element includes commodities, ie gold, the stock market, and other major financial markets which will experience a clash this year and likely to be volatile. There will probably not be a recession- more like a market correction phase. What goes up must come down. However, there are still plenty of wealth opportunities across various markets. China will take advantage of this; its President Xi is highly focused in this area.  The food/service sector will also benefit from this growth as well. Interest rates will probably rise twice this year.

In summary, expect endings, transitions, and revelations this year, 2019. The old will be replaced by the new in a more timely manner than ever before. Stay alert and awake and join with others when possible. Embrace new technologies that will further the good of all.

Are you ready for an adventure?

P.S. Chinese astrology animal signs are determined by year of birth. There are 12 different animals with both positive and negative characteristics. Find your own and the particular advice for each animal by googling Chinese Astrology. Bear in mind that the new year does not begin on January 1. This Pig Year official started yesterday, February 5, 2019.

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