Glimpses of New York City

??????????????????????????????In early August, this past summer, I traveled to New York City via Amtrak – a 22 hour ride in a comfortable seat. I would love to have a sleeping car sometime, but that is not yet in the budget. A lady passenger showed me her own sleeping compartment and it was really cute and complete…even bathroom essentials…luxurious!

I spent a couple days in New York City. I hadn’t been there in several years and my son and I walked for hours on the Highline, a beautifully landscaped trail along an old railway track raised above the city streets. It’s alive with bees, butterflies, and birds. Every few blocks a long, elevated straight line of streets suddenly appeared in dramatic contrast to our pastoral stroll. We are still in Manhattan, after all.

My son, Gabe, lived in Brooklyn for quite a while and I spent a lot of time there over the years. I sketched from all his different apartments and will share some of these pictures over the next few days. Kite Flying in Brooklyn

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